Hunter Hayes might be looking for love, but the singer says that for the most part, he's sticking to low-tech methods: Don't expect to find him on any dating apps anytime soon.

"I haven't done any apps because I just don't think that's my vibe. I'm trusting in the universe," Hayes explains to host Bru as part of the Audacy Check In interview.

However, he adds, he's hopeful about the future of his love life: The singer says that he's done quite a bit of self-work and reflection, preparing to show up for a future relationship when the time is right.

"I think I'm aligning myself to where and who I want to be," Hayes reflects. "I've been letting go, so I feel like my time is coming."

That self-work is also paying off in Hayes' musical career, he explains, detailing how working on his 2019 album Wild Blue — and its follow-up Red Sky — showed him the importance of staying true to his own musical identity and making his songs on his own terms, instead of trying to emulate what he feels like he's "supposed to" be doing.

"I'd felt like I was up against the wall for a little bit and maybe was kind of stuck in a corner," he explains. "So, I started working on this album called Wild Blue and that was my chance to be like, 'Alright, I'm going to make an album the way I think an album should be made. We're not gonna vote on songs by committee, we're not gonna try things just to throw them away.'"

Songs like "One That Got Away" demonstrate Hayes' liberated side, and he further expanded his horizons in 2020 with an appearance on Fox singing show the Masked Singer.

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