Let me just start by saying "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out and supported LIVE music for this year's TOTFEST. Let us raise our glass to another successful year of rocking out with friends while raising money for a good cause. According to Eddie Johnson, who organized the event, we raised over $2,000 for Tverra Photography. Jen Tverra is raising awareness for the MMIW movement, by designing and paying for billboards addressing the issue.

After 6 months of hard work, there are a ton of people to thank. To all the fans who came to the show, you are incredible. The planning that went into the show is immense and I couldn't have done it without Emily Lynn, Daniel Beard, Matthew Bile, Leif Winterrowd and Ryan Kromdar. Thank you to our sponsors K.C. Kloppel and 96.3 The Blaze, Metal Local, The Mistresses of Mayhem, and Zip Beverage.

This year's TOTFEST consisted of 16 bands from all over Montana, as well as bands from Washington and Utah.

One band out of Utah put together an awesome video featuring footage from this year's TOTFEST. While chatting with A Balance of Power's frontman, Chuck Stone, he explained to me that Missoula is one of his favorite places to play. He says that Montana has "always been very good to him and the band."

Check out the video for "Lose Yourself in the Pit" from A Balance of Power, featuring some really cool footage from shows, including aerial footage

It was so fun to see everyone come together for a good cause. TOTFEST 3 was amazing, and we cannot wait until next year.

Thanks to Emily Lynn Photography for grabbing some great pictures of the festival.

Missoula TOTFEST 2022 Photos

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