In my opinion everyday is National Dog Day. These furry buddies are one of the greatest things to have ever been put on earth(right next to cold beer and heavy metal). I don't know what I would do without my dog.

Missoula is definitely a "dog town". I'm always impressed with the accommodations that our fair city has put forth to make daily life even better for our pups. The dog park by the University is a must during the hot summer months. It's the best place for you dog to get a swim in the river and to meet new friends, plus there is so much room to run. If you need to wear them out, this is your best bet.

The dog park by the mall is fairly new, but it is super nice. It's a bit small but I've never seen it too over crowded, plus they have their own water fountain and it's very conveniently located.

For more information on local dog parks, and where you can let you dog run off leash, check out this  great website.

Before we get to the super awesome Missoula submitted pics of their furry buddies, I do want to give a shout out to our local Western Montana Humane Society. This is a local, no-kill shelter that does amazing work. I adopted my dog there about 5 years ago, and the classes and resources that are available have been absolutely incredible. If you're thinking of getting a dog, please try and adopt before going to a breeder. There are so many wonderful pups that need a good home. Check out one of their recent trips to our studios. It's the absolute best having puppies run around the station!

Now on to YOUR amazing dogs! Thank you for all your submissions for National Dog Day. A wise man once said

Everyone Thinks They Have The Best Dog In The World, And They Are Not Wrong - Unknown

Adorable Dogs of Missoula

Missoulians submitted pictures of their dogs for National Dog Day. Enjoy!

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